Professional 3D Artist

Based in Ontario, Canada

What I Do

3D Modeling

Specializing in hard-surface polygonal modeling. I create highly detailed models with fully UVW-Unwrapped texture mapping. Obviously, I have a passion for cars, but I enjoy building and rendering anything in a 3D environment - from airplanes down to light bulb elements. There's something incredibly satisfying when someone asks "that's not a picture?"

Website Building / Customization

Have a WordPress or other CMS site that needs customizing? No problem. I've built a few - including this one.

Computer Systems Assembly / Support

I have built / assembled custom computer systems since the early 90's. I prefer knowing every part within a computer and being able to troubleshoot issues should they arise rather than having generic parts that don't perform as they should.

Photography & Editing

More of a passion than a profession. I thoroughly enjoy spending time behind the lens. It is very easy to come home with 250+ new photos to process any time we're out. Photo editing is also a passion of mine. I've even been known to combine the heads/smiles from multiple photos to get that perfect family portrait.

Invitations / Thank You Cards

Custom Invitations, Thank You Cards / Tags are a regular thing on my screens. I've never turned down the opportunity to be involved in someone's big day.

Customer Service

With a few years of real world Customer Service experience behind me, I strive to provide the absolute best customer service experience to my clients.

Sample Work

About Me

Name: Jeff Strong
Location: Pickering, Ontario
Education: High School Completed, Self-Taught Graphic Design & 3D Modeling
Hobbies: Photography, Remote Control Airplanes
Interests: Digital Art, Cars, Racing, Planes, Computers
Artistic experience: 15+ Years Photoshop / 3D Studio Max
Other Work Experience: Computer Sales/Assembly/Support, Customer Service, Building Engineer Assistant, Painter (Industrial), and other short-term jobs.

 Windows, Adobe Photoshop, 3D Studio Max, Lumion, vRay, Corona
Work-Specific Hardware: 3D Connexion Space Pilot Pro

Notable Projects

New York Yankees Stadium Graphics
DieCast NASCAR Models
Karma Revero Car Configurator Renders
Grey Cup Stadium Graphics

Sample Clients

CFL (Canadian Football League)
Various NASCAR Teams
Severn Lamb
Motorsports Authentics
Hutch Games LTD
New York Yankees
OUA (Ontario University Athletics)
Abercrombie & Fitch
Hickory Farms